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Commercial signs on business parks in lancashire

Throughout lancashire a vast array of different techniques, colours and graphics are used in business signage.  Signs have to be bold to catch the eye of passers by, but if your business is trade / wholesale or located on a business park then having a large illuminous sign isnt really going to attract new business at all as there is little or no footfall.

Often when businesses are located on industrial parks or business parks then what is required is a sign that is easy to read and looks professional. You wont be selling sandwiches or discount brands but more likely producing goods and services and onselling to other businesses so the first impression when the new client pulls up is important.

There are various ways to make your signage look professional, we have listed some of the techniques we use for our clients below:

  • Lettering on a white background always looks easy to read.
  • Incorporating silver or stainless makes the sign look high end.
  • Avoiding lots of bright colours together which ‘cheapens’ the sign.
  • Selecting a typeface that is clean and easy to read.

We use various techniques and fabrication methods to further enhance the signage such as:

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