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The art of vehicle wrapping and van wraps

Changing the colour of your vehicle be it a car, van, truck, bus or bike was traditionally a long winded process involving taking it to a body shop for a re-spray, this was ok but did have its downfalls including mismatched panels, old paint colour showing on inner sills, inside of panels not the same colour, uneven paint finishes and fading paint in the sun dues to poorer quality finish..

Vinyl had seen great sucess in decals on vehicles, people started using more and more vinyl and the whole vehicle wrap was born, this involved stripping bumpers, trim and accessories and using vinyl applied by a hot air gun to the vehicle. This process produces a near perfect finish but with one caveat – it must be done professionally, like all jobs that look easy to do when watching your typical youtube video, the job of applying vinyl correctly is a highly skilled profession.

The results are wonderful, no mess or over-spray – perfect colour matching and because the vinyl is classed as temporary the DVLA need not be informed.

Check out the videos below to see how we apply vinyl and for more information on the whole process please click here.



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