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Bespoke services - anything goes!

Bespoke Projects

Branded with a name that has ‘Signs’ within it’s company name, can sometime limit the prospective clients perception of what we can achieve.

We generally place ourselves in a position where we are producers in three dimensions what a designer would develop in two dimensions, which can lead to some very varied projects remote from typical day to day signmaking.



It would be impossible to list all of the company’s achievements in the world, but some include:

  • prototype design and modelling
  • scene set manufacture
  • fabrications in MDF
  • fabrications in Acrylic
  • Signrok® aluminium and stainless steel fabrications
  • heavy steel groundworks and structural steelwork projects

so we would always be capeable in providing a solution to the most unusual requests, we welcome any enquiry based on the words “can you make ……..” !! .. not normally associated with our mainstream work, and as yet, we have never failed to deliver.

A typical example shown here is a scale replication of historical items within the grounds of Townley Hall at Burnley, Lancs for use within an exhibition room for a period.  Display Lecterns, Stone Sundial, Stone Wall and Archway, Stone Cross, all manufactured from carved Signrok  high density foam blocks, and treated to give an authentic stone appearance.






The scheme was complimented with a floorminder grade digital print vinyl applied to the antique oak flooring with no ill effects once removed.